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the beier collection

the beier collection - a photographic diary

Beier's photo book was awarded as the "historical book of the year 2011"...

The works of former teacher and passionate Photographer Manfred Beier, the "beier collection", succeed in providing a very unique glance at two German states during a period of noticeable change. The beier collection pays special attention to the details of everyday life in different neighbourhoods (in both east and west Germany) during this distinctive period of time. All of which would later reunite and form part of modern day Germany.

Through this collection, one witnesses both the architectural and cultural development of both states after the World War. A large portion of the collection focuses on the private lives of the citizens. Many of the pictures are of family outings, holidays, and festivities. Emphasis is also placed on Manfred Beier’s daily occupations in school such as school outings, school celebrations and daily classroom routines. Quite remarkable in Manfred Beier’s photography are his craftsmanship, skill, passion, and his great attention to detail all of which are evident in the exhibit.

The extensive collection remained in the hands of Manfred’s Beier’s family after his death on November 23, 2002.  After negotiations between the Beier family and the German Federal Archives (the National Archives of Germany - Bundesarchiv), the collection was taken over by the Bundesarchiv as Inventory "Sammlung Beier" (Bestand N1648-Bild). And will now finally be made permanently accesible to the public.
(Request for Use of Image Materials at the German Federal Archives pdf_button)

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