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the beier collection

photo notebooks - the key to the collection


Manfred Beier covered every single one of his more than 60,000 photos in 38 photo notebooks with altogether 4,000 pages - as if it was meant to be a diary. Every single moment of experience is documented in these photo notebooks: subjekt matters, shooting position, date and time. Notes are being added with detailled information on type of camera, lens and technical data. Even the type of filter and the flash unit that were used were expanded into the notations.

On August 26, 1954 Manfred Beier took the following picture at seaside west:

On this shot he noted down:

Archiv No.
BArch, N1648Bild-RF02603
Prerow, Baltic Sea, at seaside west
subject group shot at the beach, just before sunset
date August 26, 1954
time 19:01 clock
camera Kodak-Vollenda
lens Schneider Xenar 1:4.5 / 10.5 cm.
film-type 18/10 DIN Agfa-Isochrom-film
extra tools
self-timer, tripod, ball joint
aperture 6.3
shutter speed
1/25 sec.
distance 4.5 m.
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