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the beier collection

historical book of the year 2011

More than 200 B/W and 100 rare color full page photographs
in a major photo book of Postwar Germany behind the iron curtain:

The beier collection photo book has been published by Fackeltraeger company:
Everyday Life in the German Democratic Republic (GDR): This is how we lived.
Photos from 1949 – 1971. An exciting journey of discovery into history.
An unusual and impressive trip into the daily life of East-Germany.

The photo book was awarded by a jury of historians, media representatives and the editors of the history-magazine "damals" in the category of aesthetics as the “historical book of 2011”.

2nd edition:
hardcover: 312 pages
12.1 x 1.6 x 9.6 inches
weight: 5.1 pounds
ISBN: 978-3-7716-4467-3

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The photographs show two decades of Postwar Germany that go beyond  the "beautified" authorized collections that were put together by photo agencies and newspapers. The tradition of photographs in the GDR never yielded the sovereignty of interpretation to others; they always made official statements. How people actually lived was not part of the "story".


With this publication the private photographs of a former citizen of East Germany transform into intersubjective conduits of memory for a worldwide audience.
Meg Jackson - Journal of Nostalgia

review in Italian, Appena comprato!
Il quotidiano nella DDR: così abbiamo vissuto:
...questo libro ci mostra un volto inedito della DDR, fatto anche di persone che prendono il sole in pedalò, di maturi signori che giocano a biliardo e di giovani pieni di allegria durante una gita in campagna. La forza della fotografia ci mostra che nonostante tutto, i nazisti prima ed i comunisti prussiani dopo, loro hanno vissuto. Se avete modo di procurarvelo, fateloweblink

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